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Somebody loves us!

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We just got back from a day at the amusement part/beach, and there was a package from Granola Threads at my door. We were fairied this absolutely adorable yellow advocacy romper which has "Earth Lovin' Tree Huggin' Cloth Diapered Babe" and a tree embroidered on it!!!!!! I am so excited! We've fairied before, but have not yet been fairied, and this is such a perfect little romper for Holden to wear! Thank you so much, diaper fairy - we

ETA - Holden is asleep now (long day splashing in the water, riding the carousel and sliding down water slides in mommy's sling really wore the little guy out, lol!), but when he wakes up I'll put the romper on him and post a picture. It's too cute!!
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