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someone cheer me up...tell me what you're expecting in the mail...

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I feel crummy right now(TAO issue--had to post there), so plmk what's on its way to you, or what you are eyeing at the moment. Perhaps the fluff love from here will make me feel better...
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my fluff love to you

i'm waiting on:
LLL nighty newts & salamander soakers & an orange lizard lovey
2 Schnoogly Wear fitteds in baby moods & sushi
2 Fuzzibunz from ebay

ummm, that might be it. i'm dying for the LLL order!!!

ok, so i need to step away from the computer!

I just ordered from sunflower derriers:

18 flannel/sherpa wipes
8 dyed CPFs in a beautiful assortment of colors!

what am i doing?? will the madness end???
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I am sorry you are feeling crummy.

I'm to embarrassed to list my incoming fluff
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hope you feel better soon!

I'm expecting a Harry Potter AIO from the TP. I also placed a VK custom order, but I dont' think I'll come up for a while.
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Hugs to you. .

Here's mine:

LLL order -soon I hope!
TTD from the TP
FBC wool from the TP
Polar Babies Hemp prefold
Hemp prefolds from Doodlebottoms. .

And I'm working on a couple of others!
I hope all this fluff talk is cheering you up!

Heres what Im waiting on-

1 muttaquin aio
1 little lambs aio
1 bumware fitted
1 fuzzibunz
1 poochies cover
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I'm expecting..

2 FMBG fitteds
1 bottle of Doodlebottoms wool wash
and a few other things that I can't seem to remember right now!
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I'm waiting on:

1 Snap press and snaps from OSDS
8 dyed CPFs and 1 snappi from Sunflower Derrieres
3 soakers and 1 soaker pants from EarthyBaby(yeah right! Owner is MIA!)
1 soaker pants from The Cushie Tushie

Coming with my mom in July…

schnoogly hand dyed orange fitted -in the works

sunflower derrieres turtle batik print front snap organic cotton fitted and 6 dyed hemp flatfold diapers -mailed

Luxe WIO -mailed

Kiwi Pies -mailed

Finished any day now…..
Mosaic Moon custom soaker pants -in the works

BJMarketplace custom green longies with fox on the bum & orange soaker with bees appliqued -in the works

custom RB wooly pullie -in the works

Harleyz WIO -in the works

It'll be awhile…

Pickle Pants cloud cover tester and later, wooly fullies tester

elbee bakers doz.´+ 2 more diapers and wool pants&hat -number almost up

Baa Baa Bottoms custom soaker pants & a soaker (this won't be until early fall)

Wonderful Woolies custom soaker pants
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s to you!

I have a ridiculous little chart and I check things off when they arrive.... still waiting on:

Beccabottoms fitted
Schnooglywear: 3 fitteds
3 baby gowns from ebay
Hidden Pearl Pads
TydyTykes diaper bag
Leukeleier fitted
Lullaby: 2 fitteds
ChooChoo: fitted
Recyclebees wipes
simply Sage Puppets
Snugglefrogs blanket
Berry Patch fitted

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I'm sorry you're having a rough time.

This is the last of the fluff:

5 t-shirt and pf sets (3 primary and secondary color wheels, 2 mottled)
1 empire dress in black rainbow
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6 Mudpiebaby AIO's
18 Luke's Drawers AIO's

And that crazy Kathleen at VK said she would make me 24 AIO's for Stinker.

I wanted to add for all those nutbars out there that I sold almost everything off so I could get aio's LOL! I have enough diapers in my present stash to go for 2.5 days before I wash,
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I am waiting on a custom soaker for Emma that should be in the mail and hopefully arrive soon...

Another custom soaker that will match her birthday dress but that is from BJM and she hasn't told me it is even in the states yet.

and I won a custom soaker at the raffle for samuel and levi which hasn't been started yet... lol

Now I just need some money to buy some fitteds to round this out. Currently (with the ones on the way) I have more covers/soakers then I do fitteds! LMAO!!! My mom said she would buy a few fitteds for Emma for her birthday present though so that will help!
I am expecting my patriotic soaker & dress from ebay.
3 wool sweater from ebay (make cool butt sweaters!)
I am pretty sure there is more, but can't remember, LOL!
3 small BBH
2 soakers
1 soccer aio (bear bums?)
teddy bear aio
6 unknown fitteds
stacinator cover
Little Lanes (1 small, 1 large)
John Lennon AIO
Sugarpeas set. 4 fitteds and a cover I think.

What sucks, is the tracking number for one of the boxes that has most of this stuff, says, "left Federal Way facility on the 16th..." Look at the TIME PO PEOPLE!!! How many days has it been since that? Where is my box?!
finally waiting on something!!

A Valor Kids fitted diaper
A FMBG fitted diaper
A Bridget's 4th of July soaker...hmm, I think that's it. Now That I think of it, I should seek out something!
My first sling!! I know, I'm hopping on that bandwagon a little late, but I can't wait!

Also, baby bits, tie dyed prefolds I am picking up later this afternoon from the dyers, 2 littlebums fitteds and a Harry Potter print tykie dipe.
I am waiting on

2 RB FLAG's from ebay (geisha girl and flowery)
1 fuzbaby (green and orange)
1 Muttaqin AIO (purple ladybugs)
1 Muttaqin fitted (ice creams)
2 bottles of liquid wow (tangerine spice and cucumber melon)

and later on some woolie fullies from pickle pants

Oh gosh... I can't seem to stop shopping!

In the mail:

1 Tykies MD Wool cover with frog
1 Tykies MD hemp tie dyed fitted
1 Tykies Oriental Print wet bag
1 Tykies Sea Creature NB/SM fitted

2 BJMarketplace soakers (blue and orange stripes and an olive green/orange fish set)

1 WBB Small Wrap-style soaker from Ebay

2 FMBG SM fitted (cowgirl and yellow hibiscus)

A bunch of stuff from Trish at Lil Bunz (Premium prefolds, Bummis covers in small and medium, 2 size 1 kissaluvs, 2 Wonderoos)

1 RB FLAG Size 1

Being made:

1 Fuzbomb small cover
1 Bizzy B Hive cover
2 Custom slots from Harleyz (WIO and AIO... I think)

And I am currently in negotiations with someone on TP with two wool covers from Simon's Custom Cloth.

THEN... I wait a bit and have to start buying in larger sizes!!
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Hope you're having a better day!!

We're waiting for:

2 SOS dipes from Suzie

2 RB FLAGS from today's stocking

1 Cushie Tushie custom shorts (will be awhile

Tester soaker shorts (will be awhile on those, too)

Bumkins wet tote (mine got accidentally thrown away at my mom's with a white Bumkins AIO in it
: )

Tamis Soap

Bar of WOW

I think that's it. But I want more wipes from LittleLoungingLizards, too
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