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someone go buy those sos!!!

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I am sitting here staring at of which I ant so bad. Good thing my wagon has chains. Please please go get these so I can stop staring at them/
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I'm not crazy about white inners. I did see the orange inner with animals, but I already have one of those. I hope she will stock some dyed all hemp tomorrow!
I got one. I got my first SOS a couple of stockings ago, and I loved it so I have 2 now! I never mind getting these. I mean they'll last until he's potty trained right!!
nothing will go into my cart! I click put in cart and then it says cart is 0.00
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They really do last a long time. My boy is 30lbs and in an XL of most dipes, but these still fit him in the snaps closest to overlapping. The hemp ones are pretty absorbent too!
I got one, the seahorses and starfish.
I really wanted those rockets though.
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