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Someone quick help me with Hannah Anderson sizing

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I'm going to order a few shirts for DS but I can't decide on the size. If you wear a size 80 or 90 how big is your DC? Joe is 12 months 33 inches and 27 pounds so I'm not sure. I know it says don;t size up but he's right there at the next size. Thanks!

posting this in toddlers and life with a babe cause I don;t know where is best
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I don't know if it's too late, but I get size 80 for my 13 month old. He is not huge, but not small either, about the size of your son. The size 70's do still fit him(and get worn), but the 80's are a better fit at this point IMO. The 90's are HUGE still and are not ready to wear, really huge. This is one company that really doesn't need to be sized up, excellent quality clothing.
My friend used to work at Hannah and I think she told me that the sizes are centimeters in height. The clothes are cut big to accomodate different sized bodies, but are standard for height.

My dd is about 26 lbs and maybe between 27 and 30 inches? I don't know how that translates to cm (too tired to do the math!) but she's in 80s, going into 90s.

I would do the 90. Yes, the clothes will be a little big but you will get sooo much more use out of them! If you need the clothes to fit perfectly right now, you could buy 80's, but it seems like such a waste of money. Hanna isn't cheap!
No, I must respectfully disagree (and this is from someone who ALWAYS buys up! The other day my dd1 put something on and said, kind of forlornly, "oh no, Mom, this will only fit for one year..." :LOL). I know that Hanna stuff is pricy but it is the ONLY place where I don't buy up a size. It is big. If you go up, he won't be able to wear it - honestly. My two year old (and pretty big for her age) still can wear 80s. My almost five year old wears 100, and my almost nine year old wears 110 or 120 depending.
My son is 22 months - probably about 33 1/2 inches and a little over 30 lbs. He has size 80 Hannah stuff (PJs and jackets) that he wears now. He got a size 80 Hannah jacket when he was about 12 months old (about 30 inches and 22 lbs) and has been wearing it since then. His PJs fit just about right at this point, he's got a little more room to grow, but not a whole lot. If I bought him something now, I'd probably get the 90s - but the 90s are really huge. Way too big. Your son probably won't be taking any huge growth spurts for a while, so 80s will probably fit for some time.
My son is the same size, and 80 fits with a little room left, 90 fits with a lot, except some 90s are still just way too big.
I guess I'm used to my fast growing girl. My 20 month old is at the top of the growth charts so I think my idea of how long a child wears a size is loopy.

She is 34 1/2 inches and somewhere around 30 lbs. She can still wear her 80's but barely - the pants are hinting at being short. She has no growth room left in her zippers.

90's are a bit big, but she's at the bottom of the range, so that's reasonable.

So for a slow growing babe, go with the 80's since he still has an inch left. For a fast growing child, I'd still say go with the 90's if you don't need them to fit perfectly right now.
A tip from my sil who has a boy much bigger than dd. He's still wearing his 70's zippers even though he's well into the 80's almost 90's b/c they make nice summer capri pjs.

I agree with the pp it depends on how fast a grower your child is. DD doesn't grow too quickly so we're just starting the 80's but she fits into a lot of her 70s stuff still. I find their size ranges tend to be greater than other clothes. Like almost 2 Carter's sizes per HA size.
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