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SOmething I did awhile back.

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When my last two kids were born I had a friend who also had her last two within months of mine. She was on strong meds for something ( I forget) that was incompatible with bf. however, I do not think she w ould have bf'ed anyway. So, I signed her up online for coupons for the formula she was using. Then I sigined up myself. They gave a free can for the first three months with each child and dollars off for the next three I beleive. So, I also used these to give my friend to help her save extra money(her dh was jobless, leaving her alone to support the whole family). I felt even if it was only a little, the company thought I was ff and making money off me, but really they were losing a little bit more as I gave the coupons to someone who was alreay using the product anyway. Am I weird for doing that?
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No, I did the same thing. If the stupid companies are going to give /send out samples, they shouldn't go to waste. I wasn't going to use them but I also knew someone that needed them. What a terrible waste? It is a disservace to new mothers who might consider breastfeeding and it is a sin against humanity when there are people starving to death and they are passing it out like it was nothing. They should have taken my share and given it to a mother with AIDS who is not on the "cocktail" and is at risk to passing it on to her child instead of trying to convince me a breastfeeding mother to switch! Ok, now you have my blood boiling.
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no. I get a bunch of coupons and buy formula with them (only the ones that are free, I don't pay anything ofcourse) I figure, I'll rip them off... I have a huge box of formula sitting in my closet, I don't know what to do with it.... but I REALLY want to get rid of it.
I got signed up for Similac coupons somehow, I only get them occasionally but I always send them to my friend who has a similar story. She BF for a while then went on meds and stopped. (Now she is trying to relactate, which is awesome, but another story entirely!

I have to admit, I tossed the free Enfamil from the hospital. I was going to give it to someone, but I don't know anyone to give it to and it was making me mad to see it on my counter like that.
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Those of you who have formula sitting around, check the date, if its still good find a womans shelter or something to bring it to, they can always use it.
I sell the coupons on eBay. I make between 1/4 and 2/3 of their face value, except for Bright Beginnings, which do not sell at all.
When I was building my supply back up, I had to supplement with formula. Some generous Mamas here on MDC mailed me some great coupons. It made it a little easier.


Originally Posted by SarahMorgan
Those of you who have formula sitting around, check the date, if its still good find a womans shelter or something to bring it to, they can always use it.
I just wanted to second that idea. At both the Women's Shelters I've worked at, we were almost always in need of fomula and diapers.
I must admit that I signed up for the Enfamil diaper bag too. If the bag is not marked with the logo, I am gonna keep it, and I think I read elsewhere there is a free toy too, then give away the formula and coupons to my local foodbank. I would toss it, but Ihate to waste anything. Even formula. SOmeone out there can use it.
Nope, I did that too. She gave up BF after about two weeks(also after her docter told her she NEEDED to supplement but anyway). SO we signed her up for the "free formula" and myself also and I just passed everything along to her.
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