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Something new to stress about...

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A couple of months ago I had a root canal, a crown and 2 fillings. Does anyone know if these pose risks to my baby? Should I call the dentist and ask?
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If it will ease your mind to ask your dentist, I would.

I really don't see how it could cause any harm though. Especially since it was a few months ago. I would think the only harm would be if it were done now with excessive x rays without lead aprons or they drugged you.

Relax, mama. Chances are, you'll have a perfectly healthy baby in about 8 months or so.
Thanks! I think my excessive worrying right now is at least partly hormonal. I'm kind of a worrier anyway, but I feel like my pregnant brain actively seeks out things to worry about. I need to just relax!
Then you will worry about every shift in the breeze! I was a total worrier too. I kept thinking, I can't wait until the baby comes out so that I can see if he/she is o.k.. Then, when she arrived, I had about one day of relief, and then we had to leave the safety of our cozy little hospital room, and suddenly I realized how safe she was inside me, never feeling any hunger, cold, discomfort. Suddenly the world was wrought with dangers! Even a little cheerio became a life-threatening object! I have to stop and laugh at myself. Part of being a mom is having an instinctual habit to identify any dangers in the environment. What ends up happening is that you look at simple objects and try to imagine every possible threat it could pose, and in the process imagine all sorts of awful freak accidents! It is unnerving, but it is our maternal instinct kicking in. It helps to talk with a fellow mom and laugh about it!
Yep -- I have been the same way with my babies. Worse with baby 1 than baby 2, so hopefully I'll be even less neurotic this time!

Also, it occurred to me that people might think I was worried about the x-rays 2 months ago (that WOULD be pretty neurotic
) but I was actually thinking about the dental amalgam, which may contain mercury. But I'll call the dentist today and see if that is what he used.
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