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something to clean the shower that won't choke me with horrible fumes

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I've read several threads about using vinegar-based solutions to keep mildew at bay. That's great once the mildew is gone, but what if you haven't kept on top of cleaning the shower and you have serious mildew buildup? I know something like X-14 would clean it, but that has horrible fumes. What else can I use? I don't expect magic (spray on and the mildew just disappears); I know I will have to scrub.
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Originally Posted by Porcelain Interior View Post
Magic Eraser and water.


That's exactly what I was going to suggest.

If the mildew is in the grout though, you may have to resign yourself to the fact that it may be a permanent stain.

I also keep a scrub brush in the shower, so if I'm in the shower, and the water has kinda softened everything up for me, I can scrub troublesome spots while I'm rinsing off.
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Ecover and some of the other green cleaning companies making shower scrubs. You will need to use a scrub brush or brillo pad and a LOT of elbow grease and (wo)man power but it can be done.
Method makes a decent scrub. The container looks like a vagina though!
I use baking soda and a scrubbie (variety, depending on surfaces and "issue" old toothbrush works well for grout). It removes it all. I only use the vinegar/water (50/50) spray to clean the glass doors and the upper portions of the shower walls (least dirty) and the stainless steel faucet and parts. Also, if you have hard water like we do, you can soak your shower head in straight vinegar for a few hours and the sediment literally sinks to the bottom of the bowl. I used the same bowl without replacing the vinegar for two shower heads and it worked GREAT on both!
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I use borax and water with a scrubby sponge. It takes all the goo and soap scum off.
Mix Dr Bronner's with baking soda to make a paste, it smells great and will get off all sorts off build up, you just rinse it off with water after you scrub.
You will be amazed what baking soda does. Gets ride of all that build-up and scum easily. We go through a lot of baking soda around here.
From what I hear, Bon Ami is eco friendly and works great. Also for the hard stains a simple pumice stone works great.
bon ami or comet works fine, but you need to scrub it.

I second the magic eraser. I was so surprised at how well it worked.
I use Ecover limescale remover and a mr. clean sponge. I also use water and a few drops of tea tree oil to keep mildew at bay.


BioKleen's Soy Cream Cleaner completely changed my bathtub and grout. I honestly thought the stains in the bottom of the old, old tub were the porcelain wearing away and there was nothing that could be done. A large amount of elbow grease and the SCC, it looks like we had the tub resurfaced <faint> It got the nasty grout clean, too!
I'm a baking soda girl for most scouring jobs, but I'm so lazy about cleaning my bathroom, I need some heavy duty guns. Bonus that the SCC smells yummy
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For regular cleaning of non-tile showers, a vinegar + castile soap solution should be fine.

For tile, use bs + soap + water. Vinegar will corode grout.

For tough to get rid of mildew, try a peroxide and water solution "pre-treat."

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