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Something to ponder....

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So today's show was pre-taped earlier in the week when Rosie was on - they did 2 shows on the same day. Now, the first Rosie guest hosting show was the infamous one in which baba phones in her comments about "breastgate", saying that they would discuss it "in person" the next day when both she and zilla would be back....yet on today's show (Friday), which was taped the same day, baba has appeared. Does it seem odd to any of you that they would leave her off the first show? I have an image of her sitting in her View dressing room "phoning in" her
comments - was she too afraid to say it in person?
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i myself was wondering how rosie got pictures of barbara (on her blog) if she wasnt there that day.....
Chersolly, I was about to post the same thing.

I think Barbara Walters was just trying to avoid the issue until it blew over. I guess the View producers just think we'd be too stupid to notice?
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