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Dusti and I had an off day at the park last Saturday. It was lovely weather so of course the park was crowded.

She's fine and can hold her excitement in calmly while sitting or laying, but once we start moving she can't seem to hold back and wants to "puppy zoom" everywhere.
When we were leaving I only wanted her to walk calmly, instead of trying to run across the field, but it wasn't happening and I was getting frustrated. Then she looked up at me and I could tell she really just did not know what I really wanted her to do.
Woah. A real stop in your tracks kind of moment.
We did a "stop, sit" which she's really good at, something she knows well, both calmed down a little bit and proceded more calmly the rest of the way to the car.

We are going to practice more with her "easy walk" harness because it seems like she understands walking beside me better with that than any collar.

Despite the troubles of the day, and that I felt crappy for making her confused, she has been like velcro every day since then hopeful that we will go out again!!

If you're having a rough time with your dog, try another tool or style of communication!
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