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Can you have him hold your hand while you go about doing your work for the day, and let him know that he has a choice - he can either remember not to kick the cat and let go of your hand; or if he cannot remember to have a safe body, he can keep holding your hand so that you know where he is? If you tell him you are very, very worried and that these are the only choices you can think of where everyone is safe? (if he can think of another, then that's great too) If he's looking for attention, it's one way to give it in a nonangry way; and it does prevent him from hurting the cat physically. This is what was done at a school I worked at when children were hitting each other and sort of in "the zone" for more aggression.

Good luck! What he said struck me as uh...very unusually deft in a sort of South Park-ish way.
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