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Son Wants to Dig, Dig, Dig

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We live in Brooklyn. No backyard. Most of the parks are totally cement... no grass, no dirt, etc. And my son wants to dig. When we were staying with my parents a few months ago, my Dad took my son out in the yard to help him garden... and my son loved it. He and Grandpa probably spent 3 or 4 hours each day just taking care of the garden. So now, he totally wants to dig... and I have no idea what to do.

Anybody have any experience building a mini-indoor sandbox??

What do you think about going to the garden center for a few plants??

Any ideas would be most appreciated.
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Can you set aside a part of your home so that you could plant flowers in pots? I think it'd be great for a digger!

I have no idea how to build a sandbox. Good luck!
Get a big plastic tote container (my DS likes to sit in ours) and fill it with 20lbs of rice - digs and pours great, but easier to clean up than sand. Plus it smells nice!
Do you have any kind of patio? We have a small shallow container filled with sand for ds (until we finally get around to building a sandbox
) that we got at Home Depot for really cheap - it's intended to be used for mixing cement, only holds about a bag worth of playsand. He loves it! It does spill over the sides, though, so I don't know what you would do inside. I like the big plastic container idea, too.
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Is there a community garden anywhere near you? My son loves helping in the garden... but we are fortunate to have a yard. Plants may be hard to keep alive around toddler busy digging. How about the rice bin and some plastic flowers to "plant" in it. They can be rearranged endlessly and are likley to have a better survival rate.
definitely get some plants. check out a book on container gardening. that should give you some ideas.

i second the rice tub too. our church had one of these and the kids loved it. worked well with a water wheel. very tactile. easy to clean up. In a rubbermaid tote. cheap and easy to store.
I worked at a childcare center and I had the big rice bin for my little boys, and they loved it. The girls did too, just not nearly as much. I also put other things in there, like flower, bird seed, split peas, all different things. I also did grass seed once, but that was horrid. I was SO allergic to it. Oh, and shaving cream or cornstarch and water. All oh so fun texture stuff.
My sister used to give her son a big huge dishpan filled with dried beans for him to get his digging kicks :) He loved the different colors, playing with them with small trucks, etc.

I would also think that container gardening would be a lot of fun - just put down a tarp before you start filling the pots and planting the plants
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