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songs or games for diapering and washing up

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dc 16mos really fights the diapering and hand/face wiping. He's strong and skillful at wiggling out! He does love a good song or fingerplay though. Do any of you have favorites? I'd love some that relate to what we're actually doing, getting clean, whatever, but any good song will do. Thanks!
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For diaper changes I sing:

Colly-olly-bumpkin, merry-go-bet
Fell in the fishpond and got all wet.
A nickle for a nappy and a penny for a pin
To wrap my little colly-olly-bumpkin in!

It's from Catch Me and Kiss Me and Say It Again.

For cleaning up I sing to the tune of Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush:

This is the way we wash our hands, wash our hands, wash our hands...etc.
We do "Little Bunny Foo-Foo" during diaper changes, for no good reason other than I tried it one day, and it worked, and I stuck with it. I don't usually do the gestures 'cause I'm busy with the diaper, but I do do "Doooowwwwwn came....the Good Fairy!" by raising my hands in the air and then on "the Good Fairy" part, tickling DS's tummy. That cracks him up, and now he raises his hands up too.

He's just started singing songs himself and with me, so that's a good way to distract/entertain him too. I just start singing the song and let him chime in on his parts (for the record, we sing "C is for Cookie" a LOT
and I'll sing "C is for..." and then he sings "Cookie!" etc.)

I've also made up a lot of diaper songs -- nothing special, just improvving as I go along: "Time to change your diaper/time to change your pants/ time to change your diiiiiaper/and do a diaper dance" etc. I also have a particular Happy Heinie song I sing. Too bad I can't insert an mp3 of *that* one here. Not.

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OK I am weird, but I used to do the tune of "Row Row Row Your Boat" and change it to "wash wash wash your face, wash it nice and clean... I want you to have the cleanest face I've ever seen". Or... "Brush brush brush your teeth, brush them nice and clean... I want you to have the cleanest teeth I've ever seen", etc, I substituted each body part as I went. DS would dance to the tune. :LOL
I'm weird, too. It is really helpful to dd to have songs *about* what we're doing, so like some others, I've just made up our own!I've made up a bunch of daily routine related songs that dd & I sing all the time. We have one for washing hands, one for going home, etc. She likes them, although I sometimes fear I'm stifling her music appreciation by exposing her to such mediocre songs. :LOL
lol you are all so funny! and very helpful ideas. thanks!
when i wash DD face I make a noise 'uummm how to describe it.

blahbluahh blhh bblllhhhh?? kind of shaking your cheeks making loose lip something... in any case she thinks it's funny and it is the only way i can wash her face. oh yeah and well i wash it i just take the wash cloth and rub it over her face really fast back and forth. you do not concentrate on one spot at a time but the whole surface area and by the time she stops laughing her whole face is clean (although sometimes when she has a runny nose, and she's a daycare kid [ i know it sucks] so that's often, we have to do a special blllhhhing to the nose area). Gosh I never realized how hard it was to explain some things.

we have a few toothbrushing songs, and i sing a lot of spur of the moment made up songs to the tune of row row row your boat.

and then
"this is the way we wash our hands, wash our hands, wash our hands, this is the way we wash our hands after eating dinner" man i can't think what that song is actually called.

i am just having an awful blank mind day.

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