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Songs we make up for our babies?

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Today I caught myself singing "I thought I heard a poopy, a poopy, a poopy, poopy, Heard a poopy, a pooooopyyyyy!" What is that?!?

Do you guys make up songs too? What are they?
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Oh ya, ALL the time! I'm singing about food, diapers, diaper contents, baths, toys, etc. I make up songs just to make up songs. I sing about something my little one is doing - earlier today it was something like "rolling over, go baby go, rolling over, because she told me so....." some of the songs I sing are just so stupid I don't want to repeat them :LOL The little ones like them though!

yes!! I do it all the time!! my dh is a songwriter and has a whole collection of these made up little songs that he gets us all to sing along to! Whats worse is I catch myself humming these songs while im at work or at the gym or anywhere else I happen to be at without the kids!

Love your poppy song, by the way!!
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Heh. :LOL

I have the "Huggy Bear" song which is sung during diaper changes...I give DD a special toy to play with only during changes.

A huggy bear,
a huggy bear.
A huggy bear for you.

A huggy bear,
a huggy bear.
And hugs and kissies too.
(then I kiss her face with the bear)

Repeat as needed.

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Count me in. I must make up at least one song a day that sticks, and a bunch of other little ones that I can't remember the next morning. Let's see, there's the diaper change song (big band style), "Driving in the car, we won't go far," little ditty, songs about ds' toys, the weather, etc., etc., etc. And of course the Snuggle Puppy song, which I think should have a recording of everybody's different interpretations.

Happy singing, mamas!

The peaches song!

"Peaches for you, peaches for me
Peaches for two, peaches for three
I love my peaches, oh yes, oh yes sir-ee
Peaches for you and peaches for me"

we're always making up words to songs for her, tho, this is just one that i actually sing all the time!
nods nods. we make up tons of songs...

the big hit was dh's swinging song. when zoey and her best friend swing on the swingset and he pushes them
"swinging girls, swinging girls, swingingest girls in the whole wide world
who're my swinging swinging girls? z and a are their names!"

and the teeter totter song goes
teeter totter, teeter totter, teeter totter, think you outta
be my teeter totter girls... teeter all day long

zoey made up the naked time song
'naked time is my favorite part, naked time is my favorite part, naked time is my favorite part. naked time is my favorite paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaht (with the full arm point)

'whos the prettiest girl int he world in the world in the world
she's the prettiest girl in the world and her name is zoey arone..
(or handsomest boy. or craziest teen. or silliest mommy or sleepiest doggie or happiest daddy etc....)

we sing alot. the bathtime songs are the best tho!
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My favorite (and the one that sticks in my head the most) is sung to the tune of "Baby Love".
Is it by the Supremes?
Anyway, instead of saying "baby love", I say "Olivia" and I take out the parts that say anything about her "treating me bad" and replace them with lines that say how much I love her.

I've become a cheesball like MY mom.
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I thought I was the only one!

My song of the moment is called.. you are papooosie

well, I sing to my kids "you are my sunshine" all the time, so now, since I call my ds papoosie or papoose (I don't know why it just came out one day and it stayed with me) it's the same melody as "you are my sunshine"

it goes.. you are papoosie, my own papoosie, your poopy diaper, is browny green... you'll never know how.. how much I love you... please don't stop papoosing for me"

silly, I know... my dd actually learned it and sings along...
Ds has always been really cranky when he first wakes up, so we sing "Breaking up is hard to do", but change the words to "Waking up is hard to do." I've sung this quite a bit over the past 3 years!

I also made up some silly lullabye one time, it doesn't even make any sense, but he seemed to like the rhythm of it.

Mon petit ami
Mon petit bebe
Mon petit cherie
Mon petit (his name)
OOOOOOooo, I've been waiting for this thread! Ours focus a lot on poo:

Push that bad thing out.
You gotta push that bad thing out.
It's not that big but it sure is bad,
Push that bad thing out.

For this one, it helps to know our car's name is Stu:
Somebody pooped in Stu
Somebody pooped in Stu
Somebody pooped, somebody pooped
Somebody pooped, was it you?

When he was littler, I had one about going on a burp hunt.
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My husband has one he sings to our daughter that goes something like this...

B-Beautiful maiden,
You're the pretty little girl that we adore
You are a cutie
And you have your Mom's beauty [When I sing it, I say "And you have your dad's footies

You're the most beautiful, wonderful little girl in the world.
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I have been laughing and doing my best to sing all of your songs to my dh.

We do a lot of songs to the tune of The A-Team.
Frances has her very own theme song called "Big Fran" with lots of low "doo doos".
We do "Baby Skat" and do our best Billie Holiday impressions.
When gassy or struggling to poo: Queen's "Bicycle" timed to vigorous bicycling leg motions. "I like to ride my bicycle. I like to ride my bike. Bicycle! Bicycle!" OR a cheer that goes: "Push it out! Push it out! Waaaay out!"
For our Flashdance moments: "She's a Franiac, Franiac on the floor and she's wiggling like she's never wiggled before!"
When in the sling: "Rider in the Sling" by The Doors
Plus numerous 'rap' songs that can never be recreated again....
Oh geez, these are too funny!

DH is the worst for making up songs. He's got a sweet potato song that gets stuck in my head until I could go crazy. We also change the words of just about every nursery rhyme out there to use DD's name, and the names of the cats. The cats figure pretty prominently in all our songs.

Poor DD is going to get to school and not know what everyone is singing!
There was a thread like this in diapering a while back - fun! I make up songs daily for both my kiddos (though not so much now for my almost 4 yo - she makes up her own all day long!). Each kiddo has their own personalized lullabye to the tune of Brahms Lullabye. Dd has a song I sing to her while we swing on the swings together. Ds has songs about a bunch of his diapers, a poopy diaper changing song, a couple of songs with his name ...
DH always looks at me like I'm insane,singing to the baby all the time.I make up songs about everything,he likes it so much and as he isn't much of a conversationalist at 17 months it probably takes the place of talking to someone. One of my favorites is based on his name ,it's the "Xander Xander Salamander" song, it's to the Dora the explorer themesong.
Heck yeah! I have a song for everything. My son loves it. He sings along, kind of...he goes, "Ahhhhh, ahhhhhhh, ahhhhh" in a singish voice. One of my first songs was the diaper-changing song:

Put the diaper on the heiny
Put the diaper on the heiny
'Cuz the heiny's nice and shiny
And the diaper's dry and clean
Put the diaper on the heiny
Put the diaper on the heiny
That's the cutest heiny I've ever seen!

And when he was just a newborn I always sang,

He's a baby, he's a baby, he's a baby boy
He's a little cutie baby, mommy's pride and joy
He's a little baby, he's so very cute
He's my cutie baby, in his baby suit
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I make up songs all the time!

When he was a baby, i sang this one, it's to the tune of Bach's lullaby:
"Go to sleeep, go to sleep
Go to sleep, baby Xander.
Mama's tired, Daddy's tired,
Don't you want to go to sleep?
Close your eyes, baby child, 'cause it's time to go to sleep!"

And we sing that Rancid song about the punk rocker to him whenever he's dressed like a punk, with his hair in a mohawk.
"Little Xander was a punk rocker..."

I'm sure that there are other, stupider songs that I make up, those are just my favorites!
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I sing to my kids a lot, the goofy songs I never can remember. My dd is six and ds#1 is 4 (tomorrow) so they make up their own song nowadays. But with a six week old ds, I am back to sing laots of poopy and burp songs.
I have always loved singing my kids to sleep, my all time favorite is by a local singer-songwriter named David Lamotte. The song is called New Lullabye, he changes some classic baby songs to make them more baby friendly. "if that bird won't sing in captivity, then we'll open the cage and set the bird free" and my favorite part is: "now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep, if the lord should come see me before I awake then we'll run up to heaven and eat chocolote cake!" I love that song and so do my kids.

to Eric
:bf SAHM to Raven 6 1/2, Dakota 4, and Zebulon 6 weeks
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Lately, I've been singing to the tune of LL Cool J's mama say knock you out:

I'm gonna change your pants
Mama say change your pants, etc...

Also some silly similar stuff to the tune of Slim Shady...
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