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sonogram info

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I'm not pregnant, but I figured this would be the place for sonogram info. I'm going for a follow up sonogram today for some complex cysts I have. They tell you to drink 32 oz. of water so that your bladder is "full" for the sono. I think they make pregnant women do this too, if it is early in the pregnancy. I did this a month ago and it was soooo horrible. I think it's a one size fits all, with the drink 32oz. I felt like I was going to barf after drinking that much at one sitting. I'm a small person and I'm just dreading drinking all this water again, do you think it's possible I could drink less and they can still see what they need to see? ew!
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You have to have your bladder full for the good visibility. You can drink less but be prepeared to be asked to drink more and wait. It is true, there is no one size fits all, but you have to have a very full bladder. You can try to drink a little less but try to avoid going to the bathroom for a while after you drink.

FYI: in most places they do not ask pregnant womans do that since they use tranvaginal u/s. However you may need to have abdominal for whatever they are trying to look for - I do not know.
thanks for the reply. i did drink less, and my bladder was plenty full! i had both a transvaginal and abdominal u/s. With my first pregnancy, I thought they had me drink water for my 9 week u/s but I can't remember. thanks again!
During pregnancy, whether you need to have a full bladder or not partly depends on the equipment. I've had a 7 week transvaginal u/s and a 20 week abdominal u/s, and neither time was I required to have a full bladder. In fact, they had me do the normal "pee in a cup" stuff at the beginning of my appointment, so it was guaranteed that I'd have an empty bladder! My OB has fairly new equipment though (4D capable and all that).

When not pregnant, I have no idea though! Perhaps the full bladder would push the uterus to a position where it can be seen abdominally? I don't know.
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