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SOOO glad I'm not due right now!

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Oh my gosh! I live in Spokane, WA and we set a record overnight last night for the most snowfall in a 24 hour period at 17 inches! The previous record was 13''.

Our hospitals are in a "state of emergency" having cancelled all elective surguries (probably best for all those buns in the oven!) and are keeping any staff they think might not be able to get in to work the next morning overnight and having them sleep at the hospital!

The news says not to travel ANYWHERE unless its manditory or emergency...

So, I'm soooo glad I'm not due right now!

I was thinking that May kindof sucks because then you have a heat seaking missile stuck to your body through the 100 degree heat of summer, but I'll take that anyday over having a homebirth where, God forbid something happen and have to get stuck in the snow transfering to the hospital! All city services are shut down including the court house, city hall, and city bus services!

Yeah for having some perspective on things!

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Wow, those poor women who actually ARE in labor! I hope it clears up soon.
I remember the ice storm in '96 that was so bad when we were in Moscow. This definitely is worse.
Are you all okay? Got everything you need? I hate that feeling of being stuck. Even if I didn't really want to go anywhere anyway. Guess it's my issues with authority. Being told I can't do something.
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I hear ya! We only have about 5 inches on the ground here, but the temp has been right around zero or below for almost a week. With wind chill it was -35 this last weekend...brrrrrr
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Sounds like the perfect day for hot chocolate and baked goods! Did you get much warning? We have a nor'easter coming soon. I'm excited! We had a few inches yesterday. Just enough to make everything sparkle.

Hope you have fun being stuck indoors!
yikes that would really be stressful! those poor ladies who really are in labor i hope they drive snow plows!
I'm on the other side of Washington (Tacoma) and we've been hit as well, though nothing like you guys in Eastern Washington! Yikes!

I grew up in Maine, so I'm used to this type of weather, but the state itself was not designed for this at all! There were no plows out, so the interstate was covered in ice, everything was shut down, people freaking out... lots of accidents. We stayed in as much as possible. The weather itself isn't as bad here, but the drivers and the roads were so scary!

ETA: I worry about those women who are due around this time too! I know the hospital around here (on base, anyway) was primarily closed except for emergencies! Yikes again!
I'm giggling but with great respect for your position. But I know that if we have less than 2 feet of snow overnight, we just plow ourselves out and drive ourself to work. Because our patients will still be banging down the door at 7 AM regardless of any snowsqualls. LOL. I guess that's from living in a snowbelt in Ontario for so many years.
We're supposed to get about 30 cm (10-12 inches) today, with another 10-12 inches on Sunday and a follow-up storm on Tuesday with another 10-12 inches.
: At least it's over the weekend so we can cuddle up and enjoy early Christmas celebrations!

Stay warm! And enjoy being's fun!
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chaibaby - I'm with you! I couldn't believe all the cancellations and everything with this relatively small amount of snow. But it's because the area of the state we're in is simply not prepared for anything! Not nearly enough plow trucks, no salt for the roads, etc. And the hospital on base was STILL closed today except for emergencies and necessary appointments! We've got less than 6 inches of snow! Crazy.
I hear ya. We had a bunch of snow yesterday (I live in Buffalo, so we're used to this kind of thing) and I had to drive my dad to radiation, and I got STUCK pulling out of the parking space. We made quite the group...pregnant woman, man with cancer, baby, old woman who can't walk alone (my grandmother) and my mom! Yikes. At least we got tons of help! When I was 7 months pregnant with DS we had a freak snowstorm here in October and we were without power for over a week. DH joked that he wanted to tell DS that he was born during that storm. Not fun since I had GD and had to weigh and measure all my food and take my blood sugar every 2 hours! Keep warm!
More snow this weekend!
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