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Soooo.... what's the best newborn diaper on the market?

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We will be needing some here shortly, so I thought I would start 'shopping' now.
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We were all about kissaluvs and prefolds when our babes were newborns....but those Righteous Baby newborn diapers are adorable! Almost makes me wish I had another tiny tush to diaper........*almost*
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2 ignorance on my part
but I just had to do a doubletake at your siggy line!!!

Congratulations Jodi!!
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Originally posted by Just Me Jenn
those Righteous Baby newborn diapers are adorable!
aren't they?
bout to break me out of organics! Guess things are looking up for yall! Congratulations!
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congratulations!!! i liked our bizzybhive newborn diapers a lot but we didn't have a whole lot of variety. kissaluvs didn't hold up to my heavy wetter well, but they do have a good resale value.
Hey Jodi! Congratulations!!!!

Come on over to the June mommas thread in the pregnancy forum and join us!!!
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Congratulations Jodi!! I am liking snappied Kissaluvs contours with a Bummi or Prorap cover on my little man.
YOUR PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!
congratulations!!!!! Im soo happy for you hun.....Itty bitty diapers...yayyyyy!!!
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I just found out today.
Congrats, Jodi! Did you get another blood test? I remember posting in your other thread...

I used preemie CPFs and little Proraps covers when Anja was born.

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Wow a lot of the mamas here are pregnant. I really loved my Cloud 9 Softies Newborn diapers front snapping with knit outers and velour inners. They were my fav's. Lisa is closing Cloud 9 soon so if like the looks of them put your order in before end of December.

I did ubpfs with dd as a newbie, but I have heard great stuff about terri from fmbg. she even made an awesome preemie dipe for rikki's new dd.
for you, mamma!
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When my last was born (she's 21 mos now) I used kissaluvs newborn dipes. Boy are they adorable!!! Worked very well too. Though now that I am more diaper savvy, I would probably branch out and see what other WAHMs have to offer.
I've been thinking about this lately too since I just found out we're having another. I think I'm leaning toward Kissaluvs size 0 for the resale value alone. I used them on Nate when he was born. He grew out of them pretty fast and I was able to get back almost what I paid for them. I don't plan on having anymore babies after this one so I'm going for resale value!
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YAY, Jodi!!! Congratulations! Ohhh, I'm having a blast shopping early. So far, I've just got tried-n-true stuff like kissaluv size 0's, premie pf's, diaperwrap wrap covers, ME covers, and I'll be getting infant sized pf's probably from smartiepants later on. I have a couple cute show off covers like a fmbg pul one and a handful of size one diapers. I'm not gonna buy much else til baby is here so that I can get gendered dipeys. Happy shopping and happy and healthy nine to ya!
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I didn't diaper Ben until he was 8 weeks old and he was huge from the get-go so I can't over any advice. I did think the newborn Righteous Babies were adorable, but pricey!

Kissaluvs size 0 is always a safe bet!

Congratulations again!
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