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Sooooopa clean dipes

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Since we're going on vacation next week I thought it would be a great time to super clean my dipes to make sure there was no chance of stinkys (esp since I offered to CD my nephew when we're staying with my brother at the beach).

So I did almost a 'recommended' amount of detergent - woweee suds!! I'm now on my FIFTH hot wash w/ extra rinse - but I think this will do it.

I'll add a little DA to the hemp and they should all be better than new
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Newbie alert - what is DA? Too once you bukd your stash, how can you tell which is hemp?

Have a fabulous vacation! Hopefukky you'll get a convert out of your nephew!
DA = Downy Advanced fabric softener
Some report that a little DA will make hemp nice & soft

Hemp dipes - most doublers I think are made with hemp, many fitteds are hemp (mine are). Hemp can stink by either not getting clean enough or getting a detergent buildup - with the sudsy wash, then repeated hot washings with just water I can be sure that neither is a problem

CPF - chinese prefolds are cotton

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