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Soothing tender inflammed girl parts - before birth?

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OK, at nearly 5 months pregnant, things are getting kind of swollen down there. Swollen enough they're getting kind of chafed, in fact.

The thread about what to put in a peri bottle got me thinking that maybe some of the postpartum tricks might help. I'm just not sure what to try first.

Peri bottle? After DD, I used calendula to help heal my tear. Would that help with abrasions? Any other herbs to suggest?

Witch hazel pads? Known for soothing inflammed tissues, right?

Sitz baths? I'd rather not go there - DD will go nuts if I try to draw a bath she can't get in to. But if you're sure it'll help, I'll try it.

Any other ideas?
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I didn't have any trouble pre birth, but afterwards, things were a little puffy and tender. I found that misting a pad with some soothing herbal tea or simply water and freezing it was wonderfully soothing. Who would have thought that a frozen ANYTHING there would feel good!
but it helped a lot.
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I think we are due around the same time, and I am having the same problem.
The only thing that seems to help is putting my feet up.
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I've got an icepack with gel in it that's about 4x8 inches and I've used that to help with swelling. It seems a little strange, but it feels good!
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I've had the same problem for a couple of months now. I have started doing Kegels and that seems to help. A lot of Kegels! Good luck. This is so uncomfortable.
I'm having this problem also, had when I was pg with my dd also. Honestly, it won't go away until after delivery. Its from the weight of the uetrus and all the extra fluids. Putting your feet up helps, witch hazel/tucks pads help, ice would prob help but I don't like the way it feels, sitz baths help too. Mostly just trying to stay off your feet to keep the weight off that area
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