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Sore throat one side -- advice needed

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We all had the big to do FLU beginning the 1st of March. Sore throat, cough, high fever, body aches, runny nose, yuck.
I developed a sinus infection and began antibx March 9th, a ten day course.
From Mar 18 or 19 and still going now Mar 29th I have had a sore throat on the left side that is painful to swallow and most noticable in the evening and at night. I mean 10 days is a long time to have stuff going on that doesn't resolve, even a cold or flu is over in 10 days.
I looked as best I could in a mirror w a flashlight, but the sore spot is down further than what I can see. I touched a spot that looked like an ulcer, but that wasn't it, that is when I realized it was further down. I can see red streaks going down (3 or 4) to where it hurts.
I do have some sinus stuff still going on, but no more than I usually do. I always live with Kleenex.

Could it be from allergies?
Could it be residual from having the flu?
Could it be a cold?

Should I go back to our Family Doctor who prescribed the antibx and have this looked at? I feel I should b/c this is going on longer than what I consider a normal course of discomfort.

I realize my immune system is likely lower in it's ability to fight stuff off after the FLU, hence the sinus infection.

Anything I can do to help myself in the mean time b/c we got new insurance effective Mon when my dh started a new job, but I don't have cards yet and he doesn't have his ID no. yet and it's an HMO this time. I've never had an HMO before.
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I can only suggest the one thing I would do immediately when I get a cold or flu or anything that resembles either:

I take large doses of Sodium Ascorbate powder and Echinacea plus Zinc lozenges.
It's probably nasal drainage that's causing the sore throat, esp since it's staying on one side. The streaks you see are from drainage running down the back of your throat. Gargle with salt water is what I usually do, along with taking a lot of vitamin C. Also, some teas may help, like chamomile or throat coat.
I've been reading about the VIT Cs and didn't realize it mattered. I thought Emerg-C was the right type, but I was told no after my bout with the FLU.

Please tell me if the Sodium Ascorbate powder comes under a brand I'd be familiar with or where to by it.

Unfortunately, I'm allergic to Echinacea as it is with the Ragweed family. I kept wondering why I would get worse not better then I did a test when I was not sick. Chamomile which is supposedly the in the same class does not affect me that I notice.
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