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sore throat

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I have a killer sore throat. It is so weird. Not the sore throat itself, but the sides of my tongue hurt a bit. ANd it's like only half of my taste buds work. When I put something in my mouth is tastes good. But as it moves to the back of my mouth for me to swallow it starts to lose taste. It doesn't exactly taste gross, but almost tasteless. ANd the pain is horrible. Someone said i might have strep throat that it's going around. Any way to tell this without going to the dr? Anything I can do to ease the pain?
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Do you have a fever? That is generally part of strep.

I would suck on Zinc logenzes. I would also take Sodium Ascorbate Powder in liquid. Quite a bit. I usually take 4 Tabelspoon a day or more. And I would take Echinacea - several for a few days.
Pick up a tea like this one:

Anything with slippery elm bark soothes a sore throat. I have the same thing right now - it's really painful. Drink all drinks at room temperature or warmer.
You might also do some elderberry extract or oregano oil.

Thieves oil might do you some good, too. It's expensive, but lasts forever if used judiciously. I rub it onto the bottoms of our feet anytime anyone has a sore throat.
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