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Since DH and I are big people, our queen size bed is already pretty full. I decided that a co-sleeper would be a great extension to the bed space, but it's not quite what I expected. I just set it up Sunday in anticipation of little one's arrival.

The bar comes up to the mattress level, but the co-sleeper mattress is a couple/few inches below that. I expected that it would be the same height as the mattress. This is fine except for the fact that instead of scootching baby towards me to nurse, I'll have to lift baby up onto our bed.

Also, the 'mattress' feels uncomfortable to me and the directions say not to add any additional padding.

My inclination is to get a piece of foam, cut to fit firmly in the cosleeper, to make the mattress the right height, then put some sort of waterproof sheet to make the co-sleeper and mattress continuous.

Are sheep skins too fluffy for bedding?

Have any of you modified your co-sleeper? Any pros-cons.
Please share!
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