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Sorry one more ?

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What can I take to help my daughter get over a cold? We just recently moved to Florida and now for about the last month she has had a cold. She has no vacccines and my chiropractor from Michigan has me taking CongaPlex and some powder (I cannot remember the name right now) but it doesn't seem to be helping. Any suggestions? Thank you.
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A lot of viruses start in the intestinal tract. So the beauty of breastfeeding is that it coats the gut walls and thus reduces the risk of contracting something. But if your breastfed baby gets sick, you can alway try upping your intake of live bacterial cultures such as acidophillus (gosh, I hope I spelled that correctly).

In Canada there's a product called Bio-K that you can purchase in most health food stores - both in dairy and non-dairy formats. It packs a bacterial culture punch! You can mix a little in to yoghurt or some such thing and it does wonders for improving the gut lining. I used it a couple of times when my nurseling had thrush and saw a big improvement in both of us. It also works wonders for yeast infections! If you can't find it, I'm sure there's another similar product available in your area.

Good luck!
Hi I live in Florida, Tampa actually and if you all have recently moved here it is probably allergies. We are pollenating alot right now and allergies can cause colds due to all the sinus draning!
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