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sort of a spinoff on the "BF Mamas--period" thread...

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...i got my first postpartum period at 6 months (same as with my first.) that was at the end of january. i haven't had another one since. i was very regular after my first baby was born, every 28 days like clockwork just like i had always been. i've already tested and i'm not pregnant (knew i wasn't anyways, but wanted to rule it out.) is it possible to get your period back and then for it to go away again? his nursing habits never changed or anything...
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But I am sure it's possible.

yes it is.

When I was nursing my youngest Af returned at 6weeks and came every 2-3 weeks until she was 3months old. Then it disappeared for 6months. It came back for 4(normal 30 day cycles). Then it disappeared for 4 months. It seemed the more I nursed the more often AF came, the less I nursed the longer it disappeared for.

At the same time on a baby board of mine, a gal who's son was born the same day as my dd and was bf'ing had almost the exact same strange cycles I did. Ironically our kids(will be 4 on Mon) had the same digestive issues, similar intolerances to foods and the same personalities.
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