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SOS dipes - until when?

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How long did your child wear SOS dipes - to what weight? Just wondering how big of a child they'll actually fit.

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They say 35 lbs I think, but well both a SP and SOS have fit on my 3 yr old who as of yesterday was 50 lbs. A bit short in the rise, but hey they would do the trick.
Both my diapered dd's - a short & chubby 23 pounder and a tall and thin 26 pounder fit into them great with room to grow
That's great to hear!! Sounds like they'll definitely last until ds is out of diapers.

It also means that I'll need to buy more if we have another baby before ds is potty learned!
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My little one is 30 pounds and wears them on the smallest setting on the top row.
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