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SOS issue--HELP!

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I finally got a SOS to try (from TP). I love the look and fit of it!! BUT,
my ds wore it last night, with a wool cover and when we woke up this AM, he had his first, and it is TERRIBLE rash
. It is above his "parts" in a line, where the snaps fold over and touch him.

I wash it the same as all my other dipes, so I know it isn't a soap reaction. Is it the snaps? Or is it just not a good dipe to wear form long time periods? Any other ideas?

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Since you got it from the TP it could have detergent build up. Even though you washed it the same as your other diapers if its got a lot of build up that wont come out unless you strip it.

You can try stripping it but since its just one diaper seems like a pain and a lot of water - another option would be to boil it for a bit. I have never boiled diapers so I dont know how long you do it for or the details but I am sure someone else could give you instructions.

If you want to try stripping it - just set your washer to the lowest setting and do HOT (as hot as you can get your water) rinses. You can start by adding a bit of baking soda to the first rinse and then some vinegar to the next. Just keep doing rinses til there are no more suds.

We use only SOS at night and Maxi used to be a pretty heavy wetter at night. We never had trouble w/ rashes and if you havent had rash trouble before my best guess would be that its got build up from the previous owner.

Good luck!
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Mmm..I don't think if you've got it folded down it's supposed to show the snaps, but I maybe be wrong...someone here can jump in here and clarify that. The other thing I'd do is strip, strip, strip that dipe since it's been used, you don't know what kind of detergent the other mama used..maybe that is irritating your DS skin. I have DS wear his OC SOS to bed all the time w/ no I don't think it's the length of wearing that's the problem!

Hope someone else here has more help for you!!
Oh and if you are folding down the rise there still shouldnt be snaps touching his skin. You fold the top down - inward, then fold in the two sides to the middle (also inward). The last snap on each end should snap into the two snaps in the very middle. Like this all the plasic is covered.

Hope that isnt too confusing...
: I didn't even think about what the previous owner may have used! I figured since I washed it *my* way, before wearing, it would be good to go. I will try striping it.

ALSO, I was folding the rise down (towards the inside) but I'm pretty sure the plastic wasn't covered...I may be doing that wrong too! I'll have to check once I wash it.

Thanks so much for the input!!
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I just got an SOS and I had to look on the website to figure out the fold-down part.
: Here they are. HTH!
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i had two SOS and before the elastic died (wah!!!!!!!!) i had to boil them occasionally or they would smell like a ZOO. those are fantastic diapers...

if it's the hemp you have, i'd boil them.
Doesnt boiling ruin the snaps? Strip with sportswash and use some borax or calgon water softener. Borax always gets rid of any odor.
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