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SOS what did you get

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I just watched today. They sat there for longer then I thought then swoosh they were gone.
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Absolutely nothing. The site crashed on me and then when it came up there was one left and by the time I closed my mouth and clicked it-poof! It happened so fast it was almost comical. Off to exercise my index finger for next week!
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I had two in my cart and when I went back to see if more were posted it somehow emptied my cart; so, the two I had were gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just knew I was going to get some today

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You can't ever go look for more, or if there is something extra in your cart you can't try to remove it, or you will lose. If you get it in your cart check out fast and then go back and check for more. If you have something you don't want, send a note to Suzie, she knows it happens and will change your order.
I watched them all go up, but I was waiting for prints. There never were any.
Next time I'll just snag one when I get the chance.

I have 2 already, and they are my fav dipes!
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I'm so
I just got 3 today - my first time ever having success - I couldn't believe it! I feel like I hit the lottery - yes, how pathetic
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I got 5 too!


The site also crashed on me there near the kept coming up blank.
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4 :LOL I added one and saw there was another and a doubler in my cart, but by the time I finished typing in my info one-handed while nakking I was sure I'd have an empty cart - instead I had 4 and no doubler (which I needed anyway)!
Well I cant believe that I finally got some. I started a temp job until I can work at home during tax season & they had DSL. I finally got 4!

That being said, I think FMBG fit slighlty better though so not sure if I will trade them for FMBG or keep them.
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The cart on her website has trouble dealing with all of the people buying things at the same time so it usually 'oversells' her stock and she ends up making more items than she posts in the store, to fullfil all of them. My guess this is why she often only stocks a few diapers, b/c she's going to end up making 20 even when only stocking 5...and when she stocks 15, she'll probably end up selling 50! :LOL
What a sweetie she is to make more instead of just saying to everyone, "Sorry. Try again next week."
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