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Source for raw milk in extreme NW GA?

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I'm actually geographically more connected to Chattanooga TN, being seperated from the rest of Georgia by a mountain, but still

Anyway, I've been trying to find a source for raw dairy milk but am coming up dry. This is a long shot, but can anyone connect me with someone who would be willing to sell some raw milk (uh, for my pets of course, if that's what's needed
)? Even as rural as we are, it seems that no one in my circles (or extended circles) even has dairy cows anymore

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I am on a email lists for raw milk sources. SEDairy's in Yahoo groups. There is a farm called Carlton Farms in Cartersville and in TN there is West wind farms. West wind farms sells lots of organic food...yummy! They deliver to Chattanooga once a month I think next Sat..12th is the next delivery.
what about raw milk resources in other parts of the state? I'm in Augusta and have several friends interested but don't know where to look....
oh, and I searced for sedairy club on yahoo groups and nothing matched. Can you give the website?
I have a resource for raw goat milk that I have shipped from SC if anyone is interested.
[email protected]
There is a dairy in SC called Diamond Hill that sells raw milk...and another one close by. The good thing with SC is that it is legal to sell raw milk. You might be able to find some in a health food shop in N. Augusta? Anyway you can look in the database or files section of the SEDairy and you will find farms and coops listed. I actually just started drinking it as it is the first time I've had the time to go get it, but I have been on the list for awhile now. Good luck!
sorry that is the email...but it is called the South Eastern Dairy Club
maybe this is it
Thanks mommabelle...I'll check out the Yahoogroup!

Where in North Georgia are you? I'm at the corner of TN, GA, and AL
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Lisahas2cats..I live in north Gwinnett County. I am a real Georgian. I was born in Rome, GA...then dad got transfered to Atlanta. My family is really from Jackson Co..has lived there for generations.
lishas2cats, did you have any luck finding a raw milk source? I'm also in the absolute far northwest corner of GA and call Chattanooga home. I posted recently at the TN tribe but haven't had any response yet. A friend of mine was in contact with someone who comes through Chatt once a month with raw milk cheese. She missed the last pass through then had a baby (and I've had a baby) so that lead died in the water for now. I think it may have been the West Wind farms. Anyway, I'm still looking when I have the time and I'll post here if I find anything.
Hey Rachel, I found a woman who sells raw milk, but her cow is about to go dry until she calves. She (the lady, not the cow!) said that after the calf is born in December that she'd have more milk than she knows what to do with. I'll ask her next time I talk to her if she'll be able/willing to take on another customer then (I know she has several, and keeps her grown kids stocked in milk).

You must be in the same county I am, if you're as far in the northwest corner of GA as you can get
If so, we've probably bumped into each other, LOL.

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I would also be very interested in milk. PLEASE let me know when you all find out anything.
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Lisa, please do let me know if she's able to take more customers. Yeah, you'd think that since we both live in a small, rurualish county that we'd have seen each other before but then I met someone on the TN tribal forum who literally lives down the road in a neighborhood where I'd always go to walk and I'd never set eyes on her we got together. I live on the north end of Chatt. Valley Road so I practically have one foot in TN. Love it here though b/c it feels like the country but we're just minutes away from downtown.
We're on opposite sides of Lookout Mtn then
. We're so cut off from the rest of the state, it's more like we're part of Alabama or Tennessee, LOL
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