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Sourdough theory

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All righty, I've got sourdough bubbling away for the first time in years. I used to do sourdough because I liked it, now I'm doing it for NT reasons. And, I have a question about "standard" sourdough methods, with relation to phytates and so forth.

In conventional sourdough, you take the starter, add fresh flour and proceed just like if you were starting with fresh yeast. So you're effectively only fermenting that fresh flour for the time the bread is raising - a few hours at most. Is that enough time to make a difference in the digestability of that flour?
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I believe flour needs to soak like 7 or 8 hours to reduce the phytates. I could be wrong but I think I recall reading that.
I thought the sourdough culture had stuff in it that deactivates the phytic acid faster than just plain ordinary soaking.
In wheat flour it actually breaks down very quickly (one hour) in optimum conditions.
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