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South Shore Local Growers/Farmstands ...

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I'm really interested in switching more of my diet to local fare, but don't know of too many local producers of veggies/meat. I know of plenty of local eggs, maple syrup, squash, and honey, but other than that, I'm at a loss!

I know pickings may be slim right now because of the season, but does anyone have some info on farms that do/will be having produce and meats available soon?

I'm in Bristol County, but would be willing to travel a bit if I needed to.
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Check out and punch in your zip. You can also look for specific things like meat, dairy.
Soon, the farmers markets will open too! Browse the following sites
Farmer Dave is in Middleboro and he not only does organic growing but has meats as well. You can reach him at (508) 315-9429 and ask him all about it...I saw him a couple of nights ago and I think he said he still had some CSA shares can also do buying separately from him at various farmers markets and buying meat as a share or individually, I believe...but you can chat with him. If you do get to talk to him perhaps you could share here what he has to offer, as I am fuzzy on the details... Good luck!
Another plug for farmer Dave, a good friend of mine. His farm is called Plato's Harvest (named for one of his goats.)

You can find him and other local producers at, in addition to the websites listed above.

Thanks for supporting local farmers!!!
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