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southeastern WA moms...Please! take my kefir grains!

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Hello everyone,

I hope all is well with everyone.
I have too many kefir grains. They are superior grains, because they have been grown in raw goat's milk! Very healthy stuff, it is. So, if anyone wants some free grains, just let me know and come and get them.
I live near Tri-cities WA, and I can't really travel much, since I don't have my own vehicle, so you will most likely have to come to me if you are interested. Anyway, we could make a playdate out of it if you wanted or meet at a park if on a Friday to exchange the grains and let the kids play for a while. So let me know somehow if you want some free, ultra healthy, kefir grains to make the refreshing probiotic beverage known as kefir.
IF you want to learn exactly what this kefir stuff is, go here:
That site also has links to how to make the kefir. You don't *have* to use raw milk or goat milk, BTW. Anyway, I really hope to hear from somebody.
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Hi Rebekah
I am still interested in some kefir grains. Do you want me to come to your house for them, or do you want to make a park trip out of it?
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Hello Sunshine, I think it would be fastest for you to come here this week or even the weekend, as we will be frantically chopping weeds all this weekend. Do you know of a good park in Richland though? I seem to remember you mentioning one. We usually do errands into town in that direction on Fridays, so maybe this Friday, if you can't come up here before then, we could stop and see you or meet at a park for a bit. When are you available? You can PM me or email if you like.
Dear Rebekah,
Hi there! I just joined this forum & found that you "had" excess kefir grains.
I live on Fairchild AFB, just outside of Spokane, WA.
I was writing to find out if you still had extra kefir you'd like to part with, & if so, could you send it to me? I'd be happy to pay for s & h!
Thanks so much...
Kim / MommaF8

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