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Southwestern IN & Evansville

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We have recently moved back to SE Illinois and I have been pretty unsuccessful finding any secular homeschooling groups or AP groups in the area and decided to migrate across the border to around Vincennes and Evansville in the hopes of finding activities for my children.

Does anyone know of any sources for violin lessons around here? I want to get dd in Suzuki but the waiting list is long and then I hear that the Evansville Philharmonic offers free violin lessons, but I need to call and see if we are eligible.

Are there any secular Evansville area homeschoolers and groups, too? I figure if we're driving that far I'd like to meet up otherwise, too.

I guess while I'm at it, anything cool to see in Evansville? I know there is a zoo and a museum, but other than that we just hit the mall.
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Hi! I'm in SW Indiana. About an hour from Evansville and about 30 minutes east of Vincennes. Pump It Up is an indoor playground in Evansville with large inflatable bouncers and slides. There is a free magazine that is put out every month for parents to find activities for their kids. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of it. Check the paper machines outside of restaurants. I remember one being outside of IHOP.
I also have a friend in Washington that homeschools.
In the downtown area-near the museum by the river ,there is a great playground.
Also an IMAX theater(not been there for a couple years).
There is an email homeschool list -I will check with my homeschooling friends.
The zoo is great!
Lots of good thrift stores around also.
That paper is around -Try ?
Do not know about violin -sorry.
Neat site -I just joined .
remembered some other places --
Holiday World/Splashin Safari
Marengo Cave
Wyanadotte Caves
Swim /camp at Indian lake ,Celina Lake ,Tipsaw (the best one -great beach ) near Tell City off I 64
Thanks! Awesome ideas!
Burdette Park --swimming ,slides ,picnic area -fun place-off of LLoyd Expressway on Red Bank Rd.
Holiday world is actually in Santa claus, its about 40 minutes away from Evansville.
And wyandotte cave is an hour or more away from evansville.
Just thought I would correct that.
LST warship is in Evansville near the park and museum by the river.
Good informational homeschool activity.
So much to do! Barnes & Nobles is having their educators sale this week so I might get down there.

Has anyone taken belly dance classes at Mermaid or Evansville Belly Dance? I want to take a class and I am trying to fit it in my schedule.
Just a warning about evansville moms -- scores of moms left to create a new community called Tristate Moms. Evansvillemoms had linked posts to the Courier Press homepage and lots of pervs and weirdos were trolling the site with no oversite, so the main posters left to create a safer, more private place to post. Please PM me for more information if you would like to talk more about this.
I am originally from Evansville (lived there my whole life) and played viola growing up. I would suggest Sheryl Shuster for a violin teacher (not sure of spelling but she's in in the Philharmonic) she usually has a waiting list but it's worth it. She's by far the best teacher in the greater Evansville area. The Philharmonic does do a free violin lessons class but it's at the Carver Ridley Center in downtown and is for low income children that live near the center, I don't think you'd qualify. The University of Evansville also has their own Suzuki program but there might be a waiting list for that too. They're good, but again Sheryl is the best.

As far as homeschooling goes, I went to public school so I couldn't help there. Most of the people I knew who were homeschooled were very religious and members of religious homeschool groups. Evansville is a very conservative/Christian city so I'd be surprised if there was a secular group but maybe things have changed in the past 5 or so years.

They apparently just added on to the Zoo and it's supposed to be pretty cool. Also there's a new Children's Museum downtown that I've heard is really great. Lloyd Pool is an indoor pool on the northside which is nice in the winter and Hartke Pool is a good outdoor pool for summer months. There's also the Ice Skating Rink right next to Hartke that was built recently too.

Let me know if you have any other questions, I know quite a bit about good old Evansville
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Thanks for the violin tip! I found a lady more local to me but put dd on the Suzuki waiting list which I hear is rather long.

Fruitful4Him, pm'ing you!
I live in Evansville and everyone has pretty much summed it up. It depends on what you are looking for but we have a great selection. I can't really help you with anything else, other then we enjoy walking through the woods and seeing what creatures we can find. Wesselman's woods has some neat things to look at including some wild animals that can not be released into the wild so it gives the kids a chance to see creatures up close. They also have some turtles, snakes, etc. on display.
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