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Soy products and babies?

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Hi everyone!

Someone recommended that I give my 8mo DD small bits of tofu as a finger food. I was wondering what your thoughts were on soy you think it infereres with hormones, thyroid, etc. Or is a little bit ok? A few months ago Mothering Mag had an article on the dangers of soy and I've seen a few articles here and there about this topic as well. Thanks!
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I gave DD soy as an early food and if I had it to do again, I'd wait. She became highly sensitive to soy, which has greatly changed my diet. I wonder if it would have been different if I waited. I waited a long time for most other foods likely to create allergies because allergies run in DH's family. The only sensitivity she seems to have is soy, and she does seem to be outgrowing that now, but I haven't let her eat soy for about 2 yrs. Just recently we tried a soup that tofu had been cooked in and she did ok, but I didn't let her eat any of the actual tofu. That is just my experience, I know plenty of other toddlers who love to eat tofu and do great with it
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you can find a lot of good info on soy and babies at Just type in the search and a whole lot of info will come up!

My ped said that it is important for baby girls not to eat soy. There is evidence of bone loss by the teen years and early menstruation.
Thanks...just as I thought re: allergy/issues.
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