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Soy Sauce - is it okay?

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A friend of ours gave us some Weston Price information a couple of years ago on soy products that scared my husband and I away from soy products - we try hard to avoid them. My question is - is soy sauce all right? I really really love soy sauce and want to make some yummy fried rice. I had read something that the soy is fermented in soy sauce so it should be safer, but is there merit to that? I just don't seem to have the time these days to sit and research these things. TIA for any info!!!!
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my problem with most soy sauces is the MSG... interested to here what others think about it, though.
Regular soy sauce isn't usually fermented. What you want to look for is naturally fermented soy sauce. If it says Shoyu on it, that's a good indicator. Also if it says somewhere on the label that it's fermented with traditional methods, that's a good sign. We buy Eden brand and really like it. My son and I both have a soy sensitivity and stay far away from unfermented soy products. One of the few soy-based foods we always have in the house is soy sauce
I do think there's merit to fermented vs. unfermented as the unfermented will give us both rashes without fail and the fermented never give us any problems.
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my problem with most soy sauces is the MSG... interested to here what others think about it, though.
Yeah, thats my problem with soy sauce too. I still consume soy sauce every once in a while though but maybe I won't after reading Dr. Blaylock's "Excitotixins: The Taste That Kills" book that I have on my shelf but haven't gotten to it yet. Other than that, its my understanding that fermented soy is "ok" every once in a while, but its the unfermented soy that should be avoided.
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Yea, its cool as long as its fermented, this is the kind I buy:
We get Eden Tamari, which is a traditionally brewed soy sauce, fermented. The label says:
"It's made of whole foods in an ancient, two year koji fermentation brewing process. Natural enzymes and patient tending create this Tamari soy sauce. Tamari was originally the by-product of miso making. Today it is mash brewed as a sauce. Tamari imparts a stronger, more pronounced flavor, like that of miso. Compare it with Shoyu."

We get it in the health food section of our regular supermarket.

We get San-j tamari or shoyu. From the WAPF shopping guide 08, it seems that it is fermented. (It is on the compromise list, IIRC which means it is naturally fermented, and then pasturized, which is not as good as unpasturized. however it's whats availible.) I really don't worry too much about a small amount of soy sauce that is naturally fermented. Yes, soy sauce contains natural glutamates, and honestly, if I had to avoid all naturally formed glutamates, I'd go nutso. (and would sorely miss umami.) I avoid added and processed food resulting glutamates like the plague, and indulge in naturally fermented foods regardless. Though we don't eat a LOT of soy sauce, because it's still soy and all.
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