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I started CDing when my ds was 20 months; so, we tried one of everything to start out. We have found that Fireflies and RBs work best for us; so, I'm listing everything else for sale.

Some of these have never been used or used once or twice* and some have been in our regular rotation** which has only been five or six weeks and we always use our Fireflies and RBs first.

We have a smoke-free, pet-free home and all diapers have been line dried and added to the dryer for 10 minutes to soften them up. There are no stains on any of the diapers. I use Bio-Kleen detergent.

**3 Sugar Peas Size 2, 2 fleece-topped doublers, 1 hemp, stictched in blue $10 **SOLD**
*2 Sugar Peas Large snap-ins for the wool covers. Both fleece-topped $6 **PENDING**
*1 HH Large Hearts and Flags $9
**1 Liz's Cloth Size 2, fleece topped, primary stitching $7 **SOLD**
*1 Lt Blue Fuzbaby Large, Organic Cotton $25
*1 Polar Babies Happy Pants large $9
*1 White Bumkins AIO $6
*Bizzy Bee Hive Toddler Quick-dry unbleached Hemp-Cotton fitted $12
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