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spa usage - any midwives around?

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okay, i did a search here and on the net and didnt find anything. we have a spa and the water temp is at 95-96 degrees, well below body temp. what i am wondering is how long is safe to stay in with those temps.

called the midwife and the receptionist said she asked them midwife and she said i can stay in 104 degrees up to 20 mins. that doesnt sound right at all to me....but i could be wrong. i am 31 weeks right now. thanks!
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If your body temp gets to 102 or over, it's bad for le bebe. If you're sweating and feeling uncomfortable, your body temp is likely rising. If you're comfortable, then it's probably fine for baby too!

I have done a bunch of research and am pretty passionate about this subject. Your midwife's receptionist is correct, as is plantmommy. The problem with hot water is the risk of increasing your body temperature, above 102 for a prolonged period of time, the same reason it is dangerous to get a fever while pg. First of all, it is most dangerous in your first tri as it is associated with m/c. However damage can still be done later in pg, but if you use your head, you can enjoy hot soaks without worry.

You need to know that it takes time for your body temp to go up. There are a lot of homeostasis measures your body will use to counteract heat, and one of the first things you will see is flushing/redness in the face. Your temp is increasing very slowly (fractions of a degree) when you begin to sweat, which typically happens AFTER you get red in the face. I sit in a 104 tub regularly (I'm 30 weeks), and am a very heat sensitive person to begin with, usually after about 10-15 min I will start to flush, and by that time I am usually ready to get out. I have stayed in until I begin to sweat, but normally have my fill by the time I'm red. But even sweating for 10 min will not increase your body temp enough to get to the danger zone.

So, after all that, to answer your question, you can stay in water below body temp for as long as you please, it cannot increase your temp, so you have no worries. Enjoy!
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thanks you two...makes sense. i really didn't think you could get in such hot water while preggo though. i like to stay in the spa for awhile, so i will probably keep it below 97 degrees.
Yeah, I have no issues with hot tubs. Frankly, by the time your body temp increased to be a danger to your baby you'd probably be passed out.

Listen to your body, stay hydrated and when you can feel your pulse racing, just sit on the edge for awhile to cool down.
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