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SpaceX, Rocketplane win spaceship contest

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Two aerospace teams headed by SpaceX and Rocketplane Kistler will share half a billion dollars set aside for demonstrations of new spaceships capable of sending cargo and crew to the international space station, NASA announced Friday.

The Commercial Orbital Transportation Services program, or COTS, marks a dramatic departure in the way NASA does business and could give boost to the nascent private-sector space race - including space tourism for paying passengers.

NASA Administrator Mike Griffin acknowledged earlier this week that the program could turn out to be a $500 million flop. "If it doesn't work, I've frankly made the wrong bet … with a good amount of money that we could have used for other purposes if the entrepreneurial sector is, in fact, not able to step up," he told
No offense, sir, but what good are snub-fighters going to be against that thing?
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