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Spanish help request

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A Guatemalan woman I work with knows I am cloth diapering (the custodians at work have all politely smiled at my diapers and apparently are talking about nutty Virg LOL) and asked where she could get some for her DIL who is expecting in Sept. I told her the internet, and asked if economical was an issue. She indicated that yes, Pampers were expensive, economy is important, etc. I told her that I'd give her some of my diapers for free. Some very nice mamas have given me some FFS diapers that I don't need as much now since I've been filling out my stash slowly but surely... so I'm going to pass along some of them, plus some PFs. I figured I'd throw in a pair of pins too.

Anyway, I was wondering if there were any spanish-speaking diaper sites that I could print off some pages about "how to pin most effectively" and "best laundering techniques." In other words, things we talk about here all the time. My spanish is fairly limited, and the grandmother's English is fairly limited. So I figured I'd try to find some Spanish materials, but I don't know enough Spanish to assess if the material is accurate-- heck, I don't know enough spanish that I'd know what they were talking about w/o pictures.

Any ideas?? Are there any "make your own" type sites in Spanish too?
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Awesome. I'm so glad to have those sites. I printed off some pages that had pictures
with explanations. (pictures are key, LOL... though come to think of it, thats true for me even with English sites

I also want to apologize for spelling Guatemala wrong.

Thanks for the help!

(and a bump in case anyone else knows ideas)
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