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We have a decision to make by this coming Monday. My ds's Montessori preschool is starting a Spanish Immersion classroom this Fall. I just learned more about it *yesterday* and I only have a few days to decide whether I want him to move to that class or be in the regular classroom.

Either way is a change for ds. His beloved teacher won't be there this year. If we go with a regular classroom, ds will move to the downstairs room. He will know most of the kids in the class from his room last year and from the playground.

The teacher for the Spanish classroom is from Peru and doesn't know much English. The director is looking for a bilingual assistant, but hasn't found one yet.

I think I've already made my decision to keep ds in the regular classroom. The other sounds too haphazard for the planner in me! How much of a communication barrier would there be between the parents and the teacher? I don't speak any Spanish. How would we do conferences?

I wish that there could be a Spanish componant without having to do the entire class in Spanish. Ds is so close to reading. I don't want to slow that down. There wouldn't be any "safety net," either. If we move ds from the regular classroom, they would need to fill his spot. If the Spanish classroom wasn't working well for him, we would just be stuck. The more I write, the more I see that this is completely out of my comfort zone.

Any thoughts on this?
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