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Spanking and IQ

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Several years ago me and my parents had a big blow out because during a sleepover at their house they spanked one of my sons with a belt

I was, of course, furious. They later agreed they would not use that kind of discipline on my children (despite the fact that they personally think spanking is a wonderful idea
) and it hasn't happened again. Anyways, every once in a great while one of them will mention the time that my son received a "strapping" from his grandfather. They still think of it like a big joke, I don't find it funny AT ALL but this just makes them happier I think.

Yesterday though they went over the top - the son that got the "strapping" is very smart, he is in all advanced classes in school and gets straight A's on his report card.

Well yesterday my Dad took credit for this - stating that he was reading a book the other day where the author stated that kids who are spanked have a HIGHER IQ then those who were not. And went on to say that my son basically should THANK him for the strapping he gave him because it probably increased his IQ!!!!!!!! He went on to tell me that this author equated an overall less intelligent society today due to a reduction in parents spanking.

Thank Heaven for sticky posts because I found a great link in there to a NH study which showed that spanking was linked to a LOWERED IQ. I fired it off in an e-mail to him this morning

I'm thinking that he is probably just trying to justify all the "strappings" he gave me and my brother as a child, but it still pisses me off
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oh my GAWD!!! i can't even imagine someone believing that shite!! spanking your kid raises their IQ?? WTF?? how in the WORLD did they come up with THAT crap?? nevermind the fact that the IQ is a useless and biased measurement that has no basis in reality...omg. i am so so so so sorry that you're having to deal with that crap. i cannot believe he's trying to take credit for something so disgusting and ridiculous.
Wow... just wow. If my father ever hit my child wit ha belt, I would never speak to him again. You are a FAR more patient person than I am, even more so after he beat you as a child.
pft...yeah, that too! one belt spanking is enough for me to write someone out of my child's life forever...

Originally Posted by MrsMoe
You are a FAR more patient person than I am,
Or maybe I'm just stupid as a result of all those spankings! :LOL

But seriously... the only reason I did see past the whole incident in the first place was because both of my sons that were there were not nearly as upset about it as I was and they basically convinced me to move past it. I figured if my son could forgive him and wanted to maintain the relationship then that was his choice. My parents were made aware that if anything like that ever were to happen again they would no longer be seeing me or my children.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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