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Speaking of flats...

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Does anyone have a good website for how to fold flats? I bought some gerber birds eye flats long before I started to CD because I was using them for burp cloths and stopping my son from peeing himself in the face!
But, I would love to try them as diapers now but have no idea what to do with them...

They seem so thin, are they really that absorbant?
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I HATE the gerber ones. Too thin and oblong after washing. I much prefer the good birdseye flats you can get at alot of the WAHM sites. has some good folding instructions. I'm using the oragami fold for B because he's so tiny....trimmest fit we've had so far!
The Nappy Lady has detailed instructions for many different folds - with pics.

I have not used any of the well-known US brands - being european. But I bought two organic flats from Tiny Bird Organics and they are really soft and have a beautiful chocolate-brown color
When I occasionally use flats I use them two at a time - one is not absorbant enough.
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I also love the oragami fold, and next the kite fold... the gerber ones would probably need a doubler but I bet they'll still work.

here's some more links:
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