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Speaking of great diaper bags

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My mom made me one a couple of weeks ago and I love it!!! It looks like a shoulder bag. I had her sew in a compartment so that I can stack my prefolds trifolded and folded in half and throw in a small bummi wet bag. She stuck in a couple of pockets on that side as well that I use for cream, liners, wipes etc. On the other side, there is enough room for a change of clothes, and a cover. She also made a loop that I put in my foam bottle. On the outside is a big pocket for my change pad and on the sides are 2 small pockets that I use to keep my breast pads and driver's licence etc. She said if she were to do it again she would put another big pocket on the other side. I really like it and find it makes me feel so much more organized. I can find everything I want really fast. My prefolds don't fall over on me which is great!
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