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Here's what I'm gonna do next time I get any pressure about not vaxing:
Ask the Dr to sign a waiver claiming NO harm will come to my child after the vaccine.....

Bet the Dr won't do it -
if the vaxs are so frigging safe, then Dr's could sigh a waiver so easily, right - ?????

When I declined the HepB shot when DS was born (7 mos ago), you would have thought I asked them to cut off his leg.
The Dr & nurse looked absolutley stunned. I'll never forget that look.
They left my room in silence. A few minutes later, I popped my head out of my room to ask for something & there were the Dr. & a few nurses huddled in a group - whispering.
I asked for my soda & they all looked up @ me, staring ???
The Dr. finally asked me why I was declining the HepB vax & I said:
1- he's 4.5 wks early
2-what does he need a vax for a sexually/close contact disease ?
3- I was just tested for HepB & it was neg.
4-DS was being b/fed

Weeellllll - the excuses started pouring out.

I ended the conversation right there.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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