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Okay.... here's a name dilemma....

We had agreed on Katherine Grace pretty early on, and we've been set with that name, calling her Katie.

Wellll, we have **6** people in our lives who have recently had baby girls named Katelyn/Katie/Katherine and are calling the babies Katie.

AHHHHH. I am SERIOUSLY re-thinking it now!!

Here's the rules:
1. Name must be 100% classic.
2. Name must be a longish name that has a short nickname.
3. Preferably nickname is 5 letters long and ends in either y or y sound (like Katie is not a y but y sound, kwim?)

Names that are taken in our family (as in, my sister's kids or dogs
Alexander-- so no Alexandra

Soooo, what names fit my criteria? I know I'm picky, but my kid's gotta live with this name for life

Oh, and I prefer names that have lots and lots of nicknames that go with it. Like Libby is Elizabeth, so she can be Liz, Lizzie, Libby, Beth, Eliza, etc....


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Angela (Angie)
Constance (Connie)
Jennifer (Jenny)
Jessica (Jessie)
Lorraine (Lori)
Madeline (Maddy)
Magdalene (Maggie)
Margaret (Maggie)
Melissa (Missy)
Nicole (Nicky)
Patricia (Patty, Trish)
Rebecca (Becky)
Sandra (Sandy)
Victoria (Vicky)

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You know Christina is a lovely name....How about Libby and Christy? Or Chrissy...

Madeleine/Maddie is nice. I really like Wendy...but then you'd have to be OK with Gwendolyn for it to fit the pattern
How's it coming? Are you changing her name?
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