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Speaking of Night Diapers

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My son nurses a lot at night but he barely even pees at night. He soaks thru just half of a regular prefold. (trifolded in a FB in the morning the top half will be wet and back half will be dry). So I've never understood the need for big huge diaper butts. Is my son wierd or what?
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He sounds very considerate to me!
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Lucky girl. Nate pees a ton at night.
Very Lucky. Count your blessings
Niko nurses once or twice a night. He soaks a premium CPF and a regular CPF in a Happy Heiny. Once in a while we even have to have a night change
, no one likes that...

mamaW of Niko
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My son was the same way! He would wake up and nurse all night long and I was amazed that he wasnt soaking a diaper at night. Well that changed at about 14 months! He sure soaks them now
Give it time and be happy for now, it may change LOL
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My son has the niggest night time bubble butt ever! I use to Infant CPF's in a FB ... it is a sight to see. I was only using 1 but it leaked every time ... He also drinks alot of fluids because it is so hot (i live in FLorida) so maybe when it cools down some it will ease up ..
Watch what you say, you just might jinx yourself. Ds was a normal wetter at night and somehow overnight he graduated to super soaker. He goes to bed at night with 11 layers of hemp fleece on his bum and frequently wakes up with the diaper completely soaked.
Oh no. I hope I didnt jinx it! :LOL
i have the same sort of boy, here. he used to really soak at night and i used giant hemp fitteds with a premium prefold as a doubler! but around one year he stopped peeing so much, even though we cosleep and he nurses through the night. he is 14 months now and i can out him in a fitted without a cover and it will be dry in the morning!

My guys are unpredictable. One morning the dipe might be half wet, the next it may be dripping. So, I have to prepare for the wettest.
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