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Speaking of Online Dating...funny

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Some of those are hilarious. Some are scary, some creative (at least they're trying!!!)

The saddest, most pathetic I ever saw went something like this.

"I had the love of my life and screwed it up, so now I'm here."
Some of those titles are funny. I would be more likely to respond to a guy with a funny and catchy title because sense of humor is important to me. It's sort of like an ice-breaker, which is cool because online dating can be intimidating. I like the "nice guy" ones. I am dating a "nice guy who everyone usually only wants to be friends with" those are my favorite types of guys. So sweet
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Those are hilarious
There are definitely a lot of crazies out on that site.

I actually met my dp on Match
but it was sort of an accident. I used to log on when I was having one of those lonely nights and I'd read a few profiles, remember why I was single, and go to bed happy to be alone
. I called it "un-dating". Then I saw dp's profile and actually liked what I saw, waited a few days and joined so I could wink at him
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It's 2:30am and my dd crawled into my bed and woke me up. Now I'm laughing hysterically at those headlines, trying not to laugh too hard! Too funny!

I think my bf's headline was "Not the guy your mom warned you about". LOL.
A guy at work (who is a known DOG) had a yahoo personal up, but it was found by coworkers who were none too kind. (He kind of deserves it - he hits on every female around - WHILE he was with his wife, now they separated and it took him less then two weeks to ask me out... yeah, right - NOT!!).
Anyway, we were laughing at his photos - all taken AT work (we work in a psychiatric hospital...) and he moved his ad to msn personals with a new headline:

"Tattooed Charmer"

Wow, yeah, that'll attract the ladies.
some of those are funny. i understnad the nice guy ones cuz hte girls the nice guys are attracted to go only for bad boys.

kind of makes me lose any sympathy i could have had for them since nice *girls* finish *last* as well when it comes to that!
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