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Need some advice with my 3-yo child.

He's turning 3 this April but is limited in his words. Still using single and limited vocabulary. The most he could say is I want milk/ I want ice-cream/ I want....

Started 3 hour school this year but has been observed by teachers that he tends to hit/ pinch/scratch classmates and does not follow instructions most of the time.

One teacher has to tend to him all the time or his hand will reach out to the next child near him. Has become Mr Unpopular among the other kids and even their parents (according to 1 parent, there is a group chat among the parents which I am not aware of its existence). It has been pin-pointed that he is THE kid going around hurting the little ones.

Have been in talks with teachers on over-coming this issue and we identified it could be because of his speech delay that caused his hands to be faster than his lips.

Mittens were put on his little hands often in school as he scratched classmates' faces. And back home we have been reminding him not to hit/scratch/ pinch but it seems it does not register well in him once he is in school, though he knows when he does that at home, we would send him to a little corner for 2 mins, and constantly reminding him his friends feel the pain he inflicted on them and they cry too.

Heartbroken to know how he has been discriminated by the little kids who are terrified of him (and prob their adults).

Any advice or past experience would be most appreciated.


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Hi there, I know how hard and frustrating your situation can be :frown:. I know that every kids are different and have different personalities, and sometimes people around don't understand that their behavior is not due to our lack of the education we give to them. I have 2 boys, the first one has always been super cool and easy and he is doing great at school. When we got our second boy, we thought that it would be the same but he was much more difficult. As a baby he had a lot of eczema, and some other problems that made him very demanding and he also has a strong personality. He is adorable and loving sometimes but he is much less easy. When he started to be around kids he was often rough and we were worried about it :eek:. But we prayed so much for him and believe me God heard our prayers. He is much better now, and we also believe that some things we did helped a lot such as:
- We gave him as much attention as we can
- We read him stories every night (even if he doesn't talk, he listens much can help with the vocabulary)
- We often put the same kids songs at home and in the car so he can remember words and try to repeat them.
- We put in a small home daycare where there are only 6-7 kids and the teachers are very understanding and pay attention to each kids
- We found out that kids youtube videos helped a lot (or even netflix kids)
- We actually created a youtube channel :smile: called Cecozy that teach words for the little ones in a fun way. You can see in them even the youngest one say words now.

I really believe that learning should be fun, so as parents, the more we find fun way to teach our children (playing with them) the more they'll like to learn. But forcing or punishing is often the wrong solution.
Don't despair and have faith. Sometimes as parents, we need to ask the most high for help , and he will... believe me.
I hope these tips will help :) And if you have questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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