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Spices and flavorings?

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When can I begin to let DS eat spices or ingredients? I am asking because he tasted some of my applesauce and hated it but loved it with cinnamon on it. But then I realized he may not be "supposed" to be eating cinnamon. Does anyone have any guidance on this issue? He is 11.5 months old.

I am still being given a hard time by ped and nurse for not giving him solid chunks of food. But he doesn't like them and doesn't want to chew. he still bfs all the time and we're happy. I just wish people would back off
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For the most part I think there's no reason babies can't have seasonings. Think of it in a bigger picture, did cave men and women make separate food for babies? No. Did pioneer families make unseasoned food for babies? No. Babies are ready for solids when they can pick them up and eat them. When they can do that they are ready for the same foods their families eat.

I haven't given ds any spices yet because I did once a month or so ago and he threw up. I thought I had made it pretty mild but it obviously didn't agree with him. This is coming from a babe with a tummy of steel and rarely spits up. I would think that for an 11 month old spices would be much better taken. I would just go mild on spicey stuff. My ds now almost 9 mo doesn't seem interested in chewing either, even though he's had six teeth since six months. He just doesn't seem to get the concept yet, if he gets a chunk he spits it out or opens his mouth as if to gag and lets it sit on his tongue. Developmentally he's doing all the things they say they should before getting finger food, he's just not into it. I figured I may just have to splurge for the baby grinder I didn't think I'd need. I think the best approach is to follow your babies lead as much as possible, with still giving them opportunities to try new stuff. I put chunks of banana, avacado, and other soft foods on his tray, he rarely eats it but I figure at least he's getting the idea that its for eating.
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We've always given dd foods with seasoning as well as "straight" foods. By that I mean dd eats the same foods we eat (we make much of our food at home, and we don't use much sugar, salt, fats in our own food so we've not worried too much about that) as well as "baby specific" things like chunks of banana.

There was a really interesting article in the mainstream press a few months back (it was discussed here so an mdc search should turn it up) about how the "plain" diet for young children is mostly a cultural thing and that infants in other cultures thrive on spicy or flavorful first foods.

Check out a site like for ideas for including spices and seasonings that sit well with little tummies and tastebuds.

Obviously, keep an eye out for possible allergic reactions, but go ahead and let your little one try applesauce with cinnamon or vanilla, or carrots with ginger, or pasta with minced basil!
Oh, and on re-reading your post...there's no reason why your little one needs to eat solids if he's not interested! My dd is 12 months and she's probably 90% breastfed and 10% solids at this point (if that). As long as your little one is healthy and happy then don't let your ped worry you! He'll eat when he's ready.
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We had a dietician speak at my baby group a few months ago and she said there was no reason to avoid spices with your baby, ESPECIALLY if you regularly eat spicy food - it's important for babies to feel that they're eating the same foods as you. She also said that one reason babies tend to refuse solids is if they're obviously different than what the parents are eating, so if you're cooking your baby totally different meals that might be why your little guy won't eat them. But as a pp said, there's no real rush on that so don't fret it.
Just watch for upset tummies and allergies. Overall our DC eat what we eat seasoned and all. We've never had any problems. The only thing I held off on was cinnamon because I am allergic.

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