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Spider bites?

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At the end of May, Alivia started getting these bright red spots on her. Every couple of days there would be a new one or two. One day, we were going for a walk and about halfway through (just around the block), she started limping and holding her thigh. She said her leg hurt, so I took her home (I didn't want her to drop trou in the middle of the street.) and looked at it. It was MUCH bigger than the other ones had been and was a bump. I took her to urgent care and by the time we were seen, there was a red spot around it the size of my palm, the bump was more profound, and there was a visable spot in the middle with dried blood in it.

The doctor (her usual pedatrician) said it was spider bites. She gave us some steroid cream to put on the bites. We also tore her room apart, washed EVERYTHING, and within a few days, the bites went away, and no new ones were showing up.

Until this morning.

There were two. One on the inside of her upper right arm, and one on the outside of her upper left arm (closer to her shoulder). I just thought I'd put some more cream on them, but forgot to do it before I left.

Then, tonight, when I took off her shirt, I saw them again. They were SOOOO much bigger! (Just like the one on her thigh that led me to bring her in.) They are bright red (this morning, they were like a pinkish-brown color and flat) and had hard bumps in the middle. She says they hurt. But when I called the nurse, she said not to worry about it unless they got streaky or had puss, or she was running a fever.

It's nearly midnight, and she's been asleep for a while, so I'm not going to take her to the ER. But I'm just so worried!

AND, I think she is getting them in her bed, so I feel so bad for having to put her in there again!

I'm just at a loss for what to do!!

My poor baby! She is just so sweet and her skin is so creamy, and then she has these bright red spots/bumps on her arms. Oh man, I feel so terrible!
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Poor kid!

You could clean everything, but you probably have them nesting somewhere in the house (in the walls even) so not really much you could do about that.

My niece is allergic to mosquitos though, and she gets that same reaction from them, so it may not necessarily be spiders.
I just dealt with a bad spider infestation this spring-yellow sac spiders. They give nasty bites, often confused with brown recluse bites. If it is spiders, you have to vacuum everywhere once a week for a month to break their lifecycle.
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