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I know i've been told they're beneficial for eating other bugs but i hate them and i'm looking for natural ways to get rid of them, we seem to have an over abundance of them here in fact last summer i was sitting at my computer and i just started seeing all these little baby spiders hanging from "no where", you could hardly see them, they gave me the willies, eeeewwww, i kept thinking of them crawling in my hair and everywhere, makes me itch just thinking of it.
Any suggestion will be appreciated and tried. Thanks
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Hmmm, well, you're right in that spiders are very beneficial... in fact, killing them off specifically would be ill-advised as it would just lead to a bug population explosion... but..

you could do a number of things to keep them and your other unseen bugs at bay.
First off; clutter and muck. (as my son calls it) If you have too much stuff you create little hideouts for bugs and spiders. Muck is dust, pet hair, grit from outside, food particles, cobwebs in the corners, dust bunnies under the beds, etc etc... this stuff is a playground for bugs... which therefore attract spiders. (if either of these things apply to your situation, and you need some help and encouragement with the problem, I reccomend flylady) Next on the list is attic space; seldom visited, used for storage, often dusty... spider and bug paradise! Our attic is unfinished and unused so we throw a scattering of mothballs up there once in a while as it chases away mice, bugs, spiders... just about everything.
My sis says, if you have a really clean house, and have done the mothball thing and still have a big issue... look at WATER. You may have cut off as much of a food source as possible but what about water? This one can be sublte... do you leave dishes soaking overnight? Even just a dish or a cup full of water in the sink? What about plants, do you water them enough so that there is any water in the little dish under their pots? Oh, and drains! plugging up your drains with rubber stoppers cuts off access to the water that stops in the U-bends....

I love spiders and am terrified of some of them, so I never kill them deliberately. But I also don't want to see them or be bitten... so these are the things I do. Good luck.
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I don't have much to add, gargirl said it well!
I live in essentially a man made meadow. It's an little cleared area with a house and grass, surrounded by woods. I've never seen such big spiders in my life, those fat brown ones.. I used to be terrified to the point of screaming when saw a spider. I guess it's been knocked out of me living around them all the time. Amazingly enough, very few of them get inside. I leave them alone outside (their territory) but if they are inside they are gone (my territory!)
I don't allow clutter to build up and I vaccum frequently.
Clean and vacuum. Take away their buggy food source and they'll go away, if you don't suck them all up first. I find when I run the dehumidifier (in the basement) I have less ickies down there.
Two years ago my MIL passed away and my now husband (then boyfriend) was still living in their house. Because it is surrounded by fields at harvest time there's an ENORMOUS infestation of wolf spiders every year. While searching online I discovered that spiders have tiny taste buds on their feet, and that they hate lemons. So, I immediately got some lemon floor cleaner, lemon oil, and lemon pledge and cleaned every floor oiling the hardwood and not leaving out the woodwork around doors. I also sprayed the pledge on the outside of the front door and around the outside of windows. This did an AMAZING job of getting rid of those nasty things.
Good luck!
great!! Thanks for all the great advice, i'll deffinately try them all.
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