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Spin-off: The toe standard

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In another thread we were talking about guys that had medical issues that they "needed" to be circ'd for. I compared things like phimosis to toenail fungus, in that it is a real medical problem but one wouldn't get one toe amputated for it.

It occured to me that it is a good way to judge whether or not circ sound like a reasonable medical decision.

example 1: Do to diabetes you have circulation problems and your foreskin has a non healing wound. The Dr reccomends circ. You ask yourself would the Dr reccomend amputating a toe for this same problem? since the answer is yes it is a valid medical option to be considered.

example 2:Your GF can no longer care for himself and is going to a nursing home. The nurses would rather not have to clean either his penis or his toes. They recomend he be circ'd. They however don't recomend toe amputation so it is obviously not a valid medical recomendation.

example 3: Your DS needs to be anesthisized for something unrelated to either his penis or his toe. The Dr offers to circ him while he is under. You ask yourself how you would react if he offered to amputate DS's toes just b/c DS was under anesthesia anyway? You decide the Dr is insane and run from the office clutching your baby.
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i always thought of my labia as my standard, but i like your toe better

dh had to cover for a diabetic coworker finding out if he was going to lose his thumb, btw, last night.
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I have to say I bet if my husband had a choice between having his toe cut off and his foreskin removed he would say - I'll still have 9 toes left, take the toe!

Good analogy though, I will keep it in mind if we ever have any future issues with the wee mans's winkie.
I certainly find it far harder to clean underneath my toenails than underneath my foreskin...
Also, don't forget the extra digits that even 'non human mammals ' like cats, dogs nearly instead of 5 some range from 6-8 on both sides of paws so most of us never would 'remove our cat digits I can see both of our cats have more than 5 toes and less toes on the other paws but as soon as baby is born with a extra digit it could be boy or girl they remove the 'extra finger or extra toe' so if we don't remove them off our animals so why should we remove them off our kids . We clip claws off our animals so if the claws are in extra toes along with bones would we imagine the same to be in our kids but how many do we know who have had kids both boy & girls 'remove the extra toes or fingers ? Then ask how many do we know that have extra toes or fingers? So how do we know what is there I don't imagine we get a x-ray so if 'declawing is 'removing a toe' and a claw could amputating a child digits be a similiar thing to it ?

I seen people with very very short hand on one side while the other was much bigger. The bigger hand appeared more normal to me and the short hand much more different & it's just consider a birth defect. So I had been in school with a guy who had a 'short hand ' so in ways I was 'familiar' with it because I was so much in familiar with the 'short' hand than I was with a 'foreskin' because I knew nothing about it til I met my ex.

Now after having 'been around foreskin only seen two of them and only one adult(my ex) & one little boy(my ds) it makes me see how 'abnormal & how different , how bare and how weird circumcision after getting familiar with two different types of foreskin a child and a adult . I also say it only took 5 yrs to replace the mind of circumcision normalcy to seeing how 'much more normal foreskin looks and fits around them.
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